Printer set up: Kyocera Mita, for job accounting or with password for printing

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1) Default Ubuntu Add Printer procedure

2) In CUPS, change job accounting to an arbitrary code, say "00000000" then accept changes

( this can be done either in System > Administration > Printers, select your printer, right mouse click, options, in the dialog: Printer Options, scroll to Job Acounting (below of Job Settings), and choose the 00000000

3) As root, edit the ppd file for the printer: it is located in

/etc/cups/ppd/ and titled "printer.ppd" with "printer" being the cups name for the printer.

sudo nano (or any editor, like gvim) /etc/cups/ppd/Kyocera-Mita.ppd

a) Search this section:

Management Code Definitions

OpenUI *KmManagment/Job Accounting: PickOne

OrderDependency: 60 AnySetup *KmManagment

DefaultKmManagment: MG00000000

KmManagment Default/Off: ""

KmManagment MG00000000/00000000: "(00000000) statusdict /setmanagementnumber get exec"

KmManagment MG00000001/00000001: "(00000001) statusdict /setmanagementnumber get exec"

b) change this line:

KmManagment MG00000000/00000000: "(00000000) statusdict /setmanagementnumber get exec"

using your code (ex. 01234) TO:

KmManagment MG00000000/01234: "(01234) statusdict /setmanagementnumber get exec"

Save, and restart cups:

sudo service cups restart

08307 or 08092

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